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18 APRIL - 8 MAY 2024




18th APRIL - 8th MAY 2024 

Opening reception Wednesday 17th April 6.30-8.30pm

 This body of work is a conversation between myself, nature and the inner realm. Energetic connections between each botanical form, their colours, all combining to become a my tool to ponder and grasp at the hidden spirit. Slowly, trying to listen closely to the evolution of things "

Georgia Beaumont

In Georgia Beaumont’s effervescent botanical paintings, stems cross and petals overlap in translucent layers. Kinetic interactions emerge among the plasticity of unfurling floral structures, building a lively chatter that echoes the animate interconnectivity of the more-than-human world. Delicate flowers are juxtaposed with areas of opacity and bolder pigmentation, balancing ethereality with an unexpected spikiness.


The works recall the tangle of the meadow or hedgerow; an unruly living mass which, on closer inspection, resolves into an intrinsic logic. Choosing retrospectively to paint individual specimens or rarely presenting individual botanical specimens, Beaumont weaves flowers together, her visual language of repeated motifs speaking to the cyclicality of nature. There is a hint, too, of the patterning of illuminated manuscripts or the infinite flourishings of Celtic loops, perhaps symbolizing the completeness but fundamental unknowability of nature. 

Beaumont starts by spending time in green spaces, gathering source imagery from the natural world through close observation, noticing changes and cycles within her environment. She then retreats into herself, mentally layering her source material with imagery from her mind’s eye, fusing external prompts with internalised emotions and responses. She finally realises the emergent patterns in paint, crafting delicate webs of overlapping floral forms. 

In creating new work for this exhibition, Beaumont has been particularly interested in theories of umvelt and innenwelt. These philosophies explore how the world exists differently for each individual, examining how the self is mapped onto our surroundings. In this conceptualisation, nature becomes a mirror for our internal realms – and yet at the same time, those internal realms are inescapably determined by what we observe of the natural world around us. Beaumont proposes that through close observation of our environments, we can guide our interior lives towards perceptiveness, empathy, and beauty. In doing so, looking becomes a creative act. 

Flowers carry with them a weight of gendered, psychological, and art historical symbolism, always holding in their lively blossoming the knowledge that they will one day wither and fade. Beaumont’s paintings reject the trivialisation of the decorative and feminine, instead foregrounding the indispensability of flowers in their biological role in plant reproduction and their symbolic role as vessels of emotion and contemplation. 

Throughout her oeuvre, the artist draws on a childlike inclination for harmony and balance, finding that motifs from her childhood drawings emerge in her paintings. There is a hazy, dreamlike quality to her works, a whimsical entrance into an alternative picture plane that eschews the rules of landscape painting and instead attempts to weave a nuanced dialogue between the visible and the unseen.

Text by Anna Souter 

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Studio portrait of Georgia Beaumont by Camille Liu Nock

Frolic Bucolic a scale.jpg

Frolic Bucolic, 2024, 100 cm x 130 cm, Oil on plywood panel with aluminium frame

The Spirit Moves at It_s Own Pace a scale.jpg

The Spirit Moves at Its Own Pace (Diptych), 2024, 120 cm x 100 (each panel), 120  x 200 cm total, Oil on plywood panel with aluminium frame

Umwelt ab scale.jpg

Umwelt , 2024, 160  x 120 cm, Oil on plywood panel with aluminium frame

Innenwelt ab scale.jpg

Innenwelt, 2024,160  x 120 cm, Oil on plywood panel with aluminium frame

Georgia Beaumont (b.1996) is a UK based painter. Her work explores floral forms - with an acute focus on the plasticity of their structures -  her practice is a tool to become more deeply acquainted with the bounds of the botanical world she builds.

The dancing botanical shapes are a celebration of progress, fecundity and the capacity for new life. She regards the natural world as a mirror image of our own inner landscape of thought and emotion. For this reason, observing nature, researching its symbolism and finding solace in its cyclical constancy, is essential to her practice. 

The English seasons and the curling structures found in its ubiquitous countryside greenery are an endless and rich reference point, seminal to her paintings. These studies are fused with memories and images in the mind's eye to create the compositions. The floral forms are supplemented by intuitive brush strokes, transparent veils and contrasting rigid opaque stems. Georgia holds these to be physical manifestations of a kinship to the natural world, as their instinctual, unselfconscious energy echoes nature’s output.

Georgia’s paintings have been exhibited in London, Barcelona, Milan, Mexico City and Sydney and are held in private collections internationally. 


2023 - Artist Focus, Wilder Gallery

2023 - Ode to Autumn, The Violet Hour

2023  - In My Hand A Forest Lies Asleep, curated by The Violet Hour, Notting Hill, London

2023 - In Bloom with Victoria Law Projects, Chelsea, London

2023 - 37A Collective, Seoul, South Korea

2023 - 8 Holland Street x Collagerie, London

2022 - The Summer Exhibition at Alex Eagle Studio:  'Bright Young Things', Soho, London

2022 - Meet Me By The River, Purslane Art, Virtual Show

2022 - Where's The Frame for Art Aid Ukraine x The Auction Collective, Virtual Show

2022 - The Art Unit, Koppel X, Picadilly Circus, London

2022 - Behind the Glue, Casa Lu, Mexico City

2022 - Venomous, D Contemporary Gallery, Mayfair, London

2021 - Human Concern, The Artists Contemporary, Virtual Show

2021 - Pop up with Domenica Marland, Compton McRae, Wiltshire

2021 - Fille Et., Filet Space, Hackney, London

2021 - Pop up with Domenica Marland, JM Gallery, Portobello Road, London

2021 - Across The River, New Grass Gallery, Chiswick, London

2020 - Anti-Freeze, Virtual Show, curated by Cassandra Bowes

2019 - Sent Folder, Sydney, Australia 

2019 - GIFC / Velvet Ropes, Vauxhall, London

2019 - Little Beach House, Summer Art Fair, Catalunya




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Ruby Jack, Georgia Beaumont and Emma Larsson, September 2021

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