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Vinna Begin, Untitled VII (B-side), 2021,

oil on paper,

14.8 x 14.8 cm 


20% of sales are donated to Mind Charity UK

Untitled VII (B-side) by Vinna Begin

  • Vinna Begin (b. West Java, Indonesia) is a multi- disciplinary artist based in Montreal, Canada. She received her arts education in San Francisco, earning an MFA from Academy of Arts University. Vinna's work delicately balances shape, colour and light amid structures one encounters in nature. Portraits of lucid experience, rendered as soft hazy marriages of organic form, mirror her interest in the universal, contemplative and transcendental. For her most recent collection of works celebrate her fascination with butterlies and moths. Drawn to their metamorphosis , the artist describes that "their essence teaches an important lesson about the ability to move through huge transformations with grace and lightness. It represents new beginnings, resilience, endurance, and transformation."

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