Ode To Hitchcock and Hopper


Oil and acrylic on canvas

130 x 150cm


Available to purchase with 10 monthly interest free instalments of £470. Please contact us to purchase with Own Art

Ode To Hitchcock and Hopper by James Owens

  • James Owens (b.1995, United Kingdom) is a painter based in South-East  London. James graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2018. In 2019 in was shortlisted for the Evening Standard Emerging Artist Award. 

    James' imagined folk-like work is heavily inspired by his upbring spent between the countryside and a Yorkshire fisherman’s village. His work amalgamates past, present and imagined scenes to form new layered and fragmented narratives, blurring the boundaries between memory and contemplation. Drawing from memories, film and  childhood his works offer moments of liminality.  His enchanting world also conveys sinister undertones, of mystery, mischief and alluding to the fickle will of nature. 




77 College Road, London NW10 5ES, United Kingdom

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