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Green on Green Cat


Oil and Monoprint on Paper


Signed on the back


Available to purchase with Own Art:

10 x £15 interest free instalments

Please contact us to purchase with Own Art

Green on Green Cat by Sophie Vallance Cantor

  • Sophie Vallance Cantor (b. Stirling, Scotland and lives in Glasgow). Sophie practice as a painter is an intense examination of moving through life, a conversation with herself. Encounters from her everyday are re-imagined on her large square canvases, half reality, half fantasy. Her imagery draws heavily on the use of animals, self portraiture, food and scenes based on real events, with the themes within her practice ranging from humorous to darkly sad. She is currently based in Glasgow but has lived in both Berlin and London, allowing her practice to naturally evolve over time, not tied to a particular geographical place but rather tied to life experiences wherever they occur. Her own voice exists between feminist practices, cathartic art making, processes of confession, folklore and storytelling, and ultimately her work is an expression of self reflection as she grows and changes as a person.

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