Cimicifuga Ramosa


Watercolour on Gesso Card

15 x 20 cm

signed discreetly on the front 


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Cimicifuga Ramosa by Beatrice Hasell-McCosh

  • Beatrice Hasell-McCosh‘s work uses natural form and the tradition of landscape painting as the lens to explore emotional themes, identity linked to place and human connection. Drawing and making works on paper is vital to her practise and she uses closely observed studies made from life to make large scale paintings back in her studio. She works as much from memory as from the studies and, in playing with scale, the focus of importance gives way (from direct figurative representation) to a flattened abstraction with aesthetic choices relating to composition, texture and gestural use of colour taking on the primary importance.

    Since the start of Lockdown Beatrice has been working on a series of large scale paintings,

    primarily diptychs and triptychs around the theme of separation and emotions associated with

    enforced isolation. The small watercolour works represent a departure from her usual practise of working from monochrome pencil studies when back in her studio. She reads widely around a subject and the titles of each large work connect the disparate elements of this research: from references in pop culture, music lyrics to art historical links.

    Beatrice (b.1990, UK) studied English and Classics at Leeds University and then spent two years studying at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh and The Royal Drawing School in London. Her work is in private collections around the UK, Europe and the USA.