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Amy Beager

​We are delighted to present 'Dreamers', the highly anticipated solo exhibition by British painter, Amy Beager. 'Dreamers' brings together a collection of new paintings, including three large scale diptychs. Exploring sentiments of love, memory, desire and longing and lamentations of fear, loneliness and death, the players in Amy's paintings suggest an ode to Romeo and Juliet. As with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, where love and loss are played out across a passionate stage of human emotion, the figures in Amy's works are similarly intertwined in the theatricality of romantic passion. Exploring an idea of 'Bed Paintings', Amy's new works take the idea of sleep and dreams as the catalyst for when desire and imagination run wild.


22 September - 20 October 2021


Amy Beager (b. 1988) lives and works in Chelmsford, UK. Having only recently in the past few years begun exhibiting her work, Amy works have garnered a strong and dedicated following, which has elevated her to become one of the most sought after London emerging artists. Beager was selected as a winner for the Delphian Gallery open call 2020 and has since exhibited her works at the Saatchi Gallery and many other London galleries. Her work has been acquired by Soho House and been placed in my private collections throughout Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. Beager's romantic figurative paintings explore themes of love, beauty, longing and self-fulfilment. The neo-classical figures are transformed into modern day deities taking inspiration from fashion imagery, greek sculpture and mythology. Beager uses the human form as a vessel for exploring emotion through a dramatic use of colour, and playful, expressive lines. Beager mostly uses traditional painting mediums such as Acrylic and oil on paper or canvas, exploring imagined realities that transform human forms into emotive realms of fantasy. Amy is currently undertaking the Turps Banana correspondence course and has previously obtained a National Diploma in Art & Design (Distinction) in 2007 and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Nottingham Trent University in 2010.

Amy Beager
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