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Katy Papineau

New works on paper launching  February 2022

20% of sales will be donated to Katy's nominated charity

Beth Rodway portrait Wilder Gallery

For our latest Artist Focus we are please to be collaborating with Katy Papineau to bring you six new works on paper and fundraising for Katy's nominated charity. 

Katy Papineau is a figurative painter and art tutor who lives and works in London. Katy filters her observations of the world through her imagination, to result in a personal and embellished depiction of ordinary life. Her paintings often depict everyday, intimate scenes, layered with references to art history and literature. Katy is concerned with themes of escapism, theatricality, decoration, and human connection.

The paintings themselves are made up of layer upon layer of materials. Katy works with paint that she hand mixes from dry pigment, building up areas of colour and pattern to result in a richly textured surface.

In 2019, Katy completed The Drawing Year, a postgraduate-level course at The Royal Drawing School. Since graduating she has taken part in several group shows, sold her work with Liberty London, presented for Tate, appeared on Portrait Artist of The Year, and worked on regular commissions for private clients. She also teaches on the Young Artists Programme at The Royal Drawing School.

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" I can really clearly visualise a future piece in my head before noting anything down. These often come to me whilst trying to sleep and swimming, funnily. I’ll make a quick preparatory sketch using loose shapes to lock down the composition but most stays in my head. As soon as I start the piece, additional elements are added and proportions change. The majority of my time at the moment is spent working on commissions. The Artist life has been even more solitary than normal during lockdown so I feel lucky to constantly be communicating with clients, they may have saved me! 

Each piece of this collection is a celebration of architecture. From the Maison de Verre in Paris to Eames House in California, each space is made up of ingenious design and craftsmanship. I have inhabited the spaces with little fantastical moments of imagination, I like to think the works sit somewhere between the real and imagined. I study mid century designers, Charles and Ray Eames, Alvar Aalto, Florence Knoll in particular, and have some initial ideas for combining my work with furniture design. 

I’ve chosen to fundraise for cancer research. My boyfriend and I are currently experiencing the effects of cancer with a loved one very close to us. I know how invaluable Macmillan and Cancer Research are going to be to us for the foreseeable. With 1 in 2 of us being diagnosed with cancer in our lifetimes it’s so important to support this cause and keep fighting this battle." Beth Rodway