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Amy Beager

A second drop of new paintings on paper and monotypes launching 6pm 24th June 2021
20% of sales will be donated to Amy's nominated charity, Mind UK

Amy Beager, studio photo, Wilder Gallery

We are delighted to present a second launch of new works available exclusively online by Amy Beager. Amy's first drop of works sold out in a number of minutes so we are delighted to be able to offer a second release of works on Thursday 24th June 2021. 20% of sales will be donated to Amy's nominated charity, Mind UK.


"A few of my best friends have lost friends and family who have suffered with mental health. It's also something that many are universally struggling with due of the current pandemic.", Amy on choosing Mind UK. 

We will be presenting three stunning new paintings on paper, 'Moss', 'Scales' and 'Ondine After Gauguin'. Taking reference from neoclassical sculpture, art history and mythology, Amy's works beautifully encapsulates the narratives of dreamlike romanticism, intense connection or at times anguish and longing. Amy says "it is important for me to bring human emotions and personality to the characters in my paintings. Even though they are painted loosely, highly stylized and in an unrealistic colour palette, the sense of humanity is real and transparent. This is further expressed through the obvious and gestural brushstrokes that I use to amplify the urgency of an emotional experience". "I usually reference an image as a starting point but the way the paint reacts and the painting process directs the outcome of the finished painting. I start with a pencil sketch on the canvas or paper to map out the figures and poses within the composition. The shapes, colours and brushwork created during the process form a visual language and help to suggest a narrative. It usually evolves as the painting unfolds on the surface. I don't purposefully make preparatory sketches but have sometimes used a previous painting on paper or canvas to create a larger piece. However each painting ends up looking quite different.


We are also very excited to release Amy's first series of new monotype works. Describing her experience experimenting with this new process Amy says, " I loved making these! It was refreshing to work on a new process and helps to keep me excited about the work that I am making. I think mono printing lends itself well to my painting style due to the fluidity, immediacy and textural qualities it has, compared with say lino printing. I also like how the process is very intuitive and experimental. Some I sketched directly onto the back of the paper in reverse. For others I first made a preparatory  sketch on paper and then experimented with it. This also meant I could use this sketch to experiment with in multiple prints until I got the desired outcome of marks. It was really enjoyable playing around with a combination of line pressure and mark making, I used pencil, thick pastels, brushes and tweezers to create the marks. I like how they look like scratchy photocopies. You can also see a ghost image from a previous print on some of them when I hadn't reapplied more ink to the acrylic board beforehand, which I thought was a nice effect". 

Amy Beager is based in Chelmsford, Essex, UK and works from her home studio. On her studio playlist are artists  Alfa Mist, Moondog, Sault, Miles Davis, Bad Bad Not Good, Radiohead and Kate Bush. 

Amy Beager (b. 1988) lives and works in Chelmsford, UK. She obtained a National Diploma in Art & Design (Distinction) in 2007 and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Nottingham Trent University in 2010. Beager was selected as a winner for the Delphain Gallery open call 2020 and started exhibiting her work in London last year.  Her painting ‘The Blue Room’ is currently on display at Saatchi Gallery as part of the group exhibition ‘Antisocial Isolation’ curated by Delphian Gallery. Beager's work was recently acquired by Soho House and has been placed in multiple private collections throughout Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. Beager's romantic figurative paintings explore themes of love, beauty, longing and self-fulfilment. The neo-classical figures are transformed into modern day deities taking inspiration from fashion imagery, greek sculpture and mythology. Beager uses the human form as a vessel for exploring emotion through a dramatic use of colour, and playful, expressive lines. Beager mostly uses traditional painting mediums such as Acrylic and oil on paper or canvas, exploring imagined realities that transform human forms into emotive realms of fantasy.

All works are available to buy directly online from our website.  A UK delivery fee of £10 will be added to UK orders and £15 to overseas orders. Please subscribe or contact us to gain early access. Many thanks.

Update 24.6.2021 We are delighted to announce that all works from Amy's first drop in May 2021 and second drops in June 2021 have sold and we have raised £840 for Mind UK. Thank you to everyone that purchased a piece.

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